Achieve Peak Performance 'On Demand'

Discover How To Remove The 3 Big Roadblocks For Peak Performance At Work...

Unlocking Your Potential Should Be Your Primary Objective
The fastest way to create breakthrough at work and in life is to be be able to operate at your peak performance 'on demand'…
Harness the (neurological) power of living a purpose driven life
Learn the triggers for influence and motivating those around you
Become a time Jedi in a chaotic world
Create unstoppable momentum and influence around you
Become immune to burnout to thrive at work and in life
Make accountability a default behaviour for progress and growth

Success Requires The Ability To Make An Impact

But that doesn't happen by accident...

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In this web-class, Mat will show you how to

Stress test your priorities and declutter your life - the fastest way to create time and space
Prime yourself for peak performance - level up your productivity
Learn the triggers for motivating those around you - create unstoppable momentum

Practical and powerful levers for unlocking your potential and increasing your impact.

The 5 skill areas to increase your impact and unleash your full potential…

In 60 minutes, we'll talk about how to:


harness neuroscience and mindset to operate at peak performance ‘on demand’


improve sleep, reduce stress and optimise lifestyle behaviours to develop burn out immunity


apply movement in your life to bulletproof your brain and build a bombproof body 


use key metrics and science backed physiological, objective data to drive maximum growth and recovery


apply movement in your life to bulletproof your brain and build a bombproof body 

Reserve your place now and get ready to increase your impact!

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Meet your host, Mat Lock

The pursuit of unleashing human potential at work and in life is my focus.

After more than two-decades in senior management positions I now call Australia home and run a business called The Impact Project. 

​​Our vision is to create happy and healthy humans who make seismic shifts in their lives, unleash their full potential and have more impact in the world.

Together with the team at The Impact Project, I help to develop those who want to lead by example and achieve their wildest professional and personal goals.


It takes COURAGE to change
And HUMILITY to lead.

And it all starts with
a tap of a button...

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Be Brave.
Have Fun. 
Make An Impact.